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Matsumoto Rangiku
25 January 2006 @ 11:53 pm
You know, I'm really disapointed with how few journal entries I have. But everytime I try to add one, I find I never really have much to write about. It's kind of funny.

My classes this term are going very well so far. I was very excited to see so many students again this term, as well as so many new ones. I think it will be a great term, I'm looking forward to teaching it.

I was reading the newspaper this weekend and there was a large article about a boy who had died in a fire. It was the second death his high school had faced that year, a girl had been murdered a few months prior. It wasn't about how he died though, or really about who he was. It was about all of the people who he'd had an impact on during his life. His funeral was so well attended that they overflowed the chapel, spilling into the halls and all the way through the funeral home.

It made me write.Collapse )

I feel...almost callous for it now.

[People in the english classes~ I've been thinking we could turn the threads into actual in character discussions of short stories. How does that sound? It requires a bit of effort, and a lot of thought, but I think it could be pretty interesting. What do you think?}
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Matsumoto Rangiku
24 December 2005 @ 10:06 pm
J'ai vraisment besoin d'arreter de boire. C'est pas bon pour ma sante, ni pour ma reputation. Mais j'ai une bonne raison pour etre soule ce soir~

Premierement, c'etait pour effacer mes memoires de la Dance D'Hiver. Shunsui, le jus que vous m'avez donner etait drogue. Au moins, je l'espere que c'etait ca la raison pour comment je me suis conduit. J'ai laisser...Yama-jii...me tantonner. Ugh, je me sens souille.

Deuxiement! C'etait la 17eme anniversaire de mon Toushirou adoree sur le 20 ♥ Nous somes encore entrain de celebrer ♥

Troisiemement, le candygram que j'ai recu ete en fait, correcte. L'alcohol est la meilleure ami d;un ecrivain ~ ♥ Et come je suis en bloc en ce moment, c'est mon seul comfort ;_;

Ah! Parlant des candygrams, il faut que j'envois les miens! J'ai completement oubliee @_@

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[OOC: drunk!Rangiku thinks she's french.]
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Matsumoto Rangiku
05 December 2005 @ 05:16 pm
What a week. I'm speechless, in shock, appalled by my behavior. I spent the entire weekend baking, and bought Toushirou some ice cream. Real ice cream, not soy ice cream like I normally get.

My dear class, I hope you can find it within yourselves to forgive me for my callous and cruel behavior. For those who received detention slips, please forget about them. If I am too late, I will count it as extra credit.

I am also very sorry for not posting your mid-term results as I had promised to.

English Mid-Term MarksCollapse )

If any of you have any questions or are interested in doing some extra credit, please let me know.

My dear coworkers and friends, my remorse knows no bounds. I am so, so sorry. I treated you all with contempt, with crudity, with an unforgivable lack of respect. If there is anyway I can make it up to you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I still don't understand what came over me. My only consolation is that at least it seemed to have been affecting everyone. I'm just grateful I'm finally myself again.

I think I ate steak, I hadn't eaten red meat in over eight years ;_; I feel sick...

[If I missed anyone for the english class, my appologies. Let me know you're in it and I'll add you to the list]
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Matsumoto Rangiku
27 November 2005 @ 08:27 pm
Well, aside from Soi Fong passing out, the exams went well. I've spent the weekend grading and will hand out your results on Monday.

If you missed it, please come talk to me about it and we'll arrange a make up date.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of the essay questions.

Speaking of essays, I was going through the short stories for our next unit and was inspired to start work on one about first person perspective and it's effect on character interpretation. If it turns out, I might put it in the school paper.

Speaking of the school paper, everyone wanting to get articles published: please email (banana.soap@gmail.com) them to me when they are complete, or post them in your journals for me to collect.

Well, this pretty much sums up how I've spent my time for the past week. How dull. *makes a note in her day timer to work on that*
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Matsumoto Rangiku
21 November 2005 @ 07:45 pm
Well, I seem to have hit a block on my latest work. It's terrible. I stopped mid-sentence and just...lost it all. *sigh* So frustrating.

I've been working on some reviews instead, hopefully it will give my fiction muse the rest she needs.

Anyways~ Midterms will be on Wednesday morning dear students, make sure you show up on time or you won't be admitted.

Also, anyone wanting IS help, let me know. The time to act is now, if you procrastinate then you'll have nothing but a due date looming over your heads and no sign of help on the horizon.

Toushirou...was that coffee I saw you drinking the other day? Stay away from that stuff! It's poison.

[Alright, so, who exactly is taking english or some form of it right now? Please let me know if you are, as well as if you're taking a specialized class (like some kind of lit or creative writing) so that I can try and organize Rangiku's student lists when it comes to grading.]